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2023 Spring JTT Season Winston-Salem

Who is ready to join in the FUN for this JTT fall season?

What is JTT? Junior Team Tennis is a FUN level-based team competition for kids! Sign-up as a team or as an individual. Teams can be all girls, all boys or a combination of both! Gain valuable match play experience in a fun, social league environment! Players MUST be able to serve, keep the ball in play with some success, keep score, know where to stand, etc.

2023 Fall Information

Registration Opens: Sunday, Sept 10th and ends on Wednesday, Sept. 20th – Tight

registration turnaround!

Season: Sunday, Sept 24th through Sunday, Nov 12th

Where are the Matches Played: Most matches will be played at West Forsyth High School. However, there may be teams to register from clubs or facilities in our WS area to where they can have their home matches at those courts. A schedule for the season will be completed and sent to parents/coaches along with posted on Tennislink so teams will know each week where their match will be.

What Time are the Matches: Teams will play on Sunday afternoons no earlier than 1:00pm. It depends on the number of teams as to how many different time slots we will have throughout the afternoon. A schedule for the season will be completed and posted prior to the start of the league.

Coaches, Pros, Parent Captains: Each team must have a captain whether it is a Coach, Pro or a parent. A captain is responsible for organizing the team each week. That includes seeing what players are available, making sure they know when and where to be each week, do the line-up and communicate to the team who is playing where and with who, and record the players/scores at the end of the match to be turned in to the Coordinator.

Age Divisions:

• 10&Under – Intermediate – Green Ball

• 10&Under – Advance – Green Ball

• 12&Under – Beginner and Intermediate – Green Ball

• 12&Under – Advanced – Yellow Ball

• 14&Under – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced – Yellow Ball

• 18&Under – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced – Yellow Ball


• Beginners – Players are still learning and have limited playing experience. They can hit the ball over the net, sustain short rallies, and can overhand serve. Players know where to stand in both singles and doubles. They also know how to keep score.

• Intermediates – Player is fairly consistent and can keep ball in play longer. They have a full swing, can serve with success, can use top spin, control where to hit the ball. Players can also volley and are developing strategy to win points. This level is possibly a lower level on varsity high school team and play in USTA Level 6 or 7 tournaments.

• Advanced – All groundstrokes are solid, powerful and include topspin, slice with serves hit flat, slice or possible kick. Can hit with accuracy and execute shots with gameplan and strategy. This player might play in a Level 5 tournament, high position on varsity high school tennis team and may be ranked top in the State.

Format: 1 doubles and 1 singles followed by 1 doubles and 1 singles. 6 Game Pro-Set. Total games won determine the winner. A minimum of 3 players needed for each match but teams should carry 4 to 6 players with 8 being the max. More teams with fewer players on each team = more playing time for all! Format may be adjusted on a given Sunday depending on number of players playing

Cost: $33.00 per player for season – includes balls

Registration: JTT is perfect for middle school teams, high school teams, club teams, facility teams, program teams, neighborhood teams, group of friends, etc. However, if you do not have a team, that is totally fine! You can register as an individual and be placed on a team. If you do have a team together, please request a team # to register with.

USTA: Junior USTA memberships are FREE! You do have to have a USTA # to participate.

How to Register for JTT:

To register as a team: Have a team already organized? Reach out to me and I will set up a separate team ID # for you in Tennislink for your players to all register with. Ideally you will want 5 or 6 to a team depending on player availability.

To register as an individual: Please select and use the below Team ID # for the level and age division you want to play:

• 10&Under Intermediate – Green Ball - 7039466762

• 10&Under Advanced – Green Ball - 7039466763

• 12&Under Beginner – Green Ball - 7039466764

• 12&Under Intermediate – Green Ball - 7039466765

• 12&Under Advanced – Yellow Ball - 7039466766

• 14&Under Beginner – Yellow Ball - 7039466768

• 14&Under Intermediate – Yellow Ball - 70399466769

• 14&Under Advanced – Yellow Ball - 7039466770

• 18&Under Beginner – Yellow Ball – 7039466772

• 18&Under Intermediate – Yellow Ball – 7039466773

• 18&Under Advanced – Yellow Ball - 7039466775

To register go to Tennislink:

Use the team # above or if you are registering as a team, use the team # that you have been given by the Coordinator.

Member of the USTA or have a non-member USTA # from prior JTT play? Enter it along with the team # and press submit. If you played JTT last year and can’t remember or don’t have your USTA # - ask me and I can give it to you.

Not a member of the USTA or don’t have a non-member USTA #? Click on the “Don’t have a USTA Account” and it will take you to a link to Create a USTA profile and give you a #.

It will assign the player a USTA #. Use that along with the team # to now enroll in spring Junior Team Tennis in Winston-Salem!

Have any questions? Please reach out to:

Angie McEachran

JTT Local League Coordinator Email: Phone: 336-624-9149

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