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It's Combo Doubles Registration Time!

USTA Combo Doubles League Registration is OPEN in the Winston-Salem Area!!

What is USTA Combo Doubles? It is separate men and women's doubles teams forming at combined rating levels. (Example: a 3.0 and 3.5 player could pair up on the 6.5 team) Each match consists of 3 doubles courts with a max of 15 players to a team.

Registration - now open!

Deadline to create a team online = August 1st

League Season = August 15th - October 17th

*Some divisions may start 8/8 if no USTA Mixed overlap - so be ready!!

State Championships:

5.5/7.5/9.5 - November 3rd - 6th - Wilmington, NC

5.0/6.5/8.5 - November 10th - 13th - Wilmington, NC

Tentative Schedule Days of Play:



18+2.5 - PERFECT for the Try Tennis players!! - we will work out a night

18+M5.5 - Wednesday Evenings

18+M6.5 - Thursday Evenings

18+M7.5 - Wednesday Evenings

18+M8.5 - Thursday Evenings

18+M9.5 - Let's find an evening that works


18+W2.5 - PERFECT for the TRY TENNIS players!!

18+W5.5 - Wednesday Evenings

18+W5.5 - Wednesday Mornings

18+W6.5 - Tuesday Evenings

18+W6.5 - Tuesday Mornings

18+W7.5 - Monday Evenings

18+W7.5 - Monday Mornings

18+W8.5 - Thursday Evenings

18+W8.5 - Friday Mornings

18+W9.5 - Sunday Afternoons



40+M5.5 - Let's get at least 2 teams and schedule

40+M6.5 - Let's find an evening that works!

40+M7.5 - Tuesday Evenings

40+M8.5 - Monday Evenings

40+M9.5 - Let's get at least 2 teams and schedule


40+W5.5 - Let's get at least 2 teams and schedule

40+W6.5 - Thursday Evenings

40+W6.5 - Friday Mornings

40+W7.5 - Wednesday Evenings

40+W7.5 - Wednesday Mornings

40+W8.5 - Lets find night that works!

40+W8.5 - Thursday Mornings or another time that works

40+W9.5 - Let's get at least 2 teams and schedule



55+M7.5 - Wednesday Evenings

55+W7.5 - Sunday Afternoons

Any 8.5 Teams - would love to have!

All others - let me know if you have teams or players wanting a team at this age division/level and we can schedule a time to play!


Let's get some teams!

Are you interested in playing, but need help finding a team? Contact the Yadkin Local League Coordinator, Angie McEachran at

*Best on-court comment from the most recent USTA State Championships: "What is Yaaaad, anyway?"

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